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    YAMAHA Lift Kit Recommendations?

    I have an electric Yamaha G29 that I plan on lifting. Cart is strictly for cruising the neighborhood with the kids. I plan on a 3” lift kit with upgraded 20” tires. Motor and controller are factory at this time. Any affordable recommendations for a lift kit? Not looking to spending the money on...
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    Weak Cart

    Ok so I’m new to carts, I have a Yamaha G29 48v with the Navitas 4k ac kit with 600 amp controller and heavy duty solenoid, batteries are of different ages 3 hold voltage at around 8.2v-8.3v, 3 of em will drop to around 7 and hold when not on charge, cart will run perfect for a few minutes and...
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    Yamaha Drive 2 Won’t Move and Horn Lights and Turn Signals Not Working

    Hello all. I have a 2017 Yamaha Drive 2 I believe that while I was deployed was working fine until my wife hit a bump not too hard but the speaker on the cart would go in and out. Then once they left later that day died and wouldn’t go. After turning the cart on and off it continued then about 5...
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    Testing Moric JW2-H6510-** Motor Controller (Bench Testing)

    I'm wondering if there is a method of bench-testing a Moric JW2-H6510-XX motor controller? Are there measurements using a multimeter that would indicate whether or not the controller should function? I was in a pinch and ended up paying a repair shop to fix one of our fleet carts. I strongly...
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    2014 Yamaha Gas Golf Cart Will Not Start After Running a While

    2014 Yamaha gas golf cart just stops or will not start up and go after running for a while..No juice to the switch gas Gage , nothing.... after a "REST" it will start again, and run fine ... I am starting a lot, walking my dog, so stop and go... then it will just not go... Think I know it is...
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    2008 Yamaha Drive Electric 48 Volt Stop Running Intermittently

    During a round of golf the cart will occasionally intermittently stop running. It sometimes will not go after I've stopped for a golf shot or at the tee box. I do not turn off the key when I stop during a round. The voltmeter reads 48 volts, but when I step on the accelerator nothing happens...