1. Dozley11

    Starter will not turn

    I've searched and i'm sure this answer is somewhere but i can't find it... I have an EZGO Workhorse 1200 with a EH350 Robin engine. A friend was driving it and it was running great, pulled into the driveway, let off the pedal, and that was it. No more running cart. Battery was good and solenoid...
  2. C

    EZGO Workhorse Robin Engine Only One Spark to Plugs

    OK guys. I have been working on the same no spark thing on a EZGO Workhorse. Some time back a couple of years, it seemed I replaced the coil and it went back to work. However, last year, it began to have an intermittent fading, which seemed to be ignition related, so I would pause and drive it...