wont run

  1. J

    Something Blew and Cart Won't Run

    2010 Club Car Precedent 48 volts. Done something dumb, but I’m 75 so be nice. Installed a headlight & tail light system with a 48v to 12v converter. checked the system with a voltmeter. Putting cart back together and got a huge arc when I wet to attach positive cable. This was a couple weeks in...
  2. Marc MacLennan

    EZGO Making Grinding Noise Help

    Help! I have an 98/99 EZGO. Batteries are fully charged. Tested all with a volt meter. Brake hubs are good. Now here is the problem. I take it out for a spin. After one lap around the house, it acts like it is dead. But I can still hear a "grinding" sound when pedal is depressed. As if the...