1. S

    Battery Meter and Key Switch Wiring Help

    I have a 2004 EZGO TXT that I bought a Madjax body kit for. It came with a wiring harness so when taking off the old body kit, I cut out the entire original wiring harness and threw away. Did all that before realizing the body kit harness wasn’t a full wiring harness. Found out it’s only for...
  2. R

    Install USB to new ignition

    Bought a new 3 position ignition switch and cant understand how to wire it. Do i run a pos and neg from battery to the switch then jump/combine additional pos-neg wires to the USB? If not, how exactly does the USB get power to it and the switch to get power to both? There is a constant 12v...
  3. Z

    Red wire from charger port to F&R fried

    Had a over heat issue taking long slow rides at the campground. Did some research and they recommended getting some heavier cables ands getting an HD Forward & Reverse switch. So i bought one and installed it. Took for a quick trip and worked fine. Also replaced the charging port** wife took...
  4. Z

    Took Out Old Wire Harness for Headlights Now Cart Wont Run

    I got new LED headlight and taillights for 1996 EZGO TXT 36v. Took whole old harness out which had horn and wire which went to brake pedal then to old fuse box. Re ran the new harness. Hooked up light switch on dash. Reconnected the blue and green wires to key switch and now nothing works...
  5. jacktravis808

    Voltage Reducer for 2016 Club Car Precedent with 8 Volt Batteries

    Hi, I'm not sure if this is the right place to post this but I can't find anywhere else. I have a 2016 Club Car Precedent 48 volt with six 8 volt batteriea and a light kit I want to install. I need a voltage reducer to go from 16 to 12v, but I can't find a definitive answer on what is right...
  6. D

    Club Car Gas Carryall Solenoid Question

    I have a 99 gas Club Car Carryall. Started having what I thought were solenoid issues and ordered a new solenoid. The Club Car OEM solenoid is not marked as to what terminal is for ignition and which terminal is for the starter. The new solenoid (not OEM) is marked S and I on the small...
  7. B

    Kill Switch Wiring Hook Up?

    Can anyone tell me anything about the kill switch wiring hook up on the wiring diagram attached? It is for a 2008 Club Car Precedent gas golf cart. I can follow the white wire with black stripe to just before a black box on the front of the engine where it splits off into 2 wires. The diagram...
  8. B

    Club Car Precedent Does Nothing When Gas Pedal Pushed

    I have a 2008 gas Club Car Precedent. A few weeks ago it got where it wouldn't turn over on every gas pedal push but would start eventually like a loose connection. After a few times it got where it was completely dead and does nothing. I tried jumping across large posts on solenoid, nothing...
  9. J

    48 Volt Club Car DS Brake Lights Won't Turn Off

    Hi I'm kind of new to all this and am hoping somebody can help me out. I've got a 48 v0lt Club Car DS that I added a deluxe led light kit (headlights, tail lights, blinkers, brake lights, and horn) to last summer. Everything worked fine, but now all of the sudden the brake lights won't turn off...
  10. anoymouse

    EZGO Marathon Lights Not Working

    OK, The lights are not working my EZGO Marathon. I found this wire loom that runs from the rear lights into the fuse block on the right rear fender. There is no working horn, headlights or rear lights. I have determined that this loom is independent of anything having todo with the drive system...
  11. B

    Club Car Accessory Wiring

    Hello. Weven have a 48v Club Car, and I would like any help on the right way to wire a few accessories. We have a kill switch, 48v to 12v converter, and a negative bus fuse block. We currently have a radio, led light bar with rear lights, 2-12v outlets, and a winch. We would like to have...
  12. HotRodCarts

    Club Car Electric Wiring Diagram 36 Volt 81-84

    Club Car Electric Golf Cart Wiring Diagram 36 Volt 81-84 :clubcar:
  13. HotRodCarts

    Club Car Golf Cart Wiring Diagram 48 Volt Series

    Club Car Golf Cart Wiring Diagram Club Car Wiring Diagram - Electric 48v :clubcar:
  14. HotRodCarts

    Club Car Wiring Diagram 48 Volt Regen

    Club Car Golf Cart Wiring Diagram Club Car Wiring Diagram - 48v Regen :clubcar:
  15. HotRodCarts

    Club Car Gas Diagrams - 1984-1991

    Club Car Golf Cart Wiring Diagrams - Gas - 1984-1991: Fuel System Fuel System 2 Fuel System 3 Engine Assembly 1 Engine Assembly 2 Engine Assembly 3 Engine Frame Assembly Carburetor Assembly Muffler Assembly Muffler Assembly 2 Drive Clutch Assembly Drive Clutch Assembly 2...
  16. HotRodCarts

    Club Car Gas Diagrams 1992-1999

    Club Car Golf Cart Diagrams - Gas -1992-1999: Engine Assembly 1 Engine Assembly 2 Engine Assembly 3 Engine Assembly 4 Engine Assembly 5 Engine Assembly 6 Engine Frame Assembly Carburetor Assembly Choke Assembly Transmission Assembly 1 Transmission Assembly 2 Transaxle...
  17. HotRodCarts

    Marketeer Wiring Diagram

    Marketeer Wiring Diagram 1964 Model 120
  18. HotRodCarts

    Otis Golf Cart - Electric

    Otis Golf Cart - Electric - Technical Manual