wiring schematic

  1. areagan123

    Mating a 1995 DS w/ a 2010 Precedent

    I've got this crazy idea of taking my 95' Club Car DS cart frame/body and installing a 2010 Precedent transaxle/motor/controller/solenoid that were given to me. I have the harness for the Precedent, and I'll have to get a new MCOR. Other than that, is there anything else I need to know? Has...
  2. T

    2000 Club Car 48 Volt Wiring Schematic

    I have a 2000 48 volt Club Car with a regen motor, V glide, forward reverse toggle switch, no limit switches and no resistor coils. Does anybody have a schematic for this system. All the ones I found shows Mcors or limit switches or resistor coils. Thanks in advance Tim