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    G2 to G9 conversion where can i go wrong

    If all components and wire harness are for a G9 does it matter if the cart alone is a G2 i can't find any difference except the engine is equipped with an oil level switch for a indicator light on the dash i think the only function the oil lever swich provides is to light up when oil level is...
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    G5 Gas to G9 Gas Conversion

    Yamaha G5 to G9 conversion New to the gas cart World converting a g5 into a g9 with g9 wire harness and components but using the g5 j38 motor the motor turns over but when the voltage regulator /rectifier is plugged in it won't turn over and blows the 10 amp fuse although the regulatory is new...
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    1997 EZGO TXT Headlight Wire Harness

    I have a 1997 36V electric ezgo with very dim headlights and tail lights. The stock wire harness is connected to the main pos and main neg which is putting out 37-39 volts. When I take a reading at the plug sockets I only get 6v. My question is we’re inline is the voltage getting stepped down...
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    1990 EZGO Marathon Blows Ignition Fuse

    Hello. New to the forum. Bought a 1990 EZGO Marathon 2 stroke. Had wiring issue and melted wires an hour after riding. Rewired the melted wires. Put in new ignition switch, solenoid, starter generator, and added fuse on ignition line according to the wire diagram. Engine runs like a top. Ran the...