what year is my yamaha

  1. J

    Identify my Yamaha cart

    Hello there. I am new to this website and hope I am in the right place. Can anyone help me identify my year and model of my Yamaha cart? I think I might have it but not sure at all. Before I start ordering parts I would like to make sure. It's a GAS Yamaha with serial number JG5 214132. I...
  2. B

    What Year is My Yamaha Golf Cart

    I just bought my first golf cart for $450 a Yamaha. It's definitely a project. I believe I know what's wrong with it but can't find the VIN tag anywhere to get the correct parts. I've looked everywhere that the internet has told me to look. Odd, right? I was told it is a 1997 but I'm thinking...
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    What Year is my Yamaha

    Serial number guide for Yamaha's