what year is my ezgo

  1. F

    What Year is My EZGO Workhorse

    Just got a 36 volt EZGO Workhorse. Anyone know what year it is? Only found this so far.
  2. S

    What Year is My EZGO

    New to cart ownership, could use some guidance as well. Bought mine as a 1986 EZGO Marathon "Fleet" model. Tag under the glove box states 79C17 I67373. Confirmation on what year it is would be great! Thanks in advance.
  3. jammerkid1

    EZGO Golf Cart What Year and Model Is It

    Just got an EZGO golf cart with this info in passenger glove box: A302 top line, 1455934 bottom line. Is this the year, model and serial number?
  4. HotRodCarts

    What Year is my EZGO

    What year is my EZGO? Find the year of your EZGO by the serial number. Late 2003 and up doesn't have the serial plates in glove box. They moved them under the seat on the frame rail above and behind batteries.