what year is my club car

  1. M

    What year is my golf cart?

    This is a remanufactured Club Car Precedent golf cart. Is it a 2010?
  2. R

    Hello and what year Club Car do you think this is?

    Hi, New to the forum. I just bought this running Club Car. The owner was not sure of the year. I expect it to be an older one. Anyone have any idea of year and model? The plan is a total rebuild; lift/suspension(front and back), new electronics, motor, lithium batteries, etc. I'm good with DC...
  3. G

    What Year is This Club Car DS

    Purchased a what was told to be a 1994 Club Car DS, but I’m thinking it could be a newer model than 1994 after reading up on them. I didn’t think to look at the serial number over the weekend and now I’m back home from the beach (where the cart will be staying). I’d like to order some parts to...
  4. M

    Help My Confusion on a Club Car

    I just got a cart and I know that it is a Club Car and I would like to find out it's year of make, model and then the motor it looks like a Honda but I would really appreciate any help I can get on it.... Because I am wanting to order parts and manual with diagrams and thank you very much for...
  5. HotRodCarts

    What Year is my Club Car Golf Cart

    What year is my Club Car? Serial number guide for finding the year of your Club Car Golf Cart.