1. ASTMedic

    Charging Voltage for 42v Western

    What is the correct bulk charge voltage for a 42v flooded bank? I have a 42v configured QuiQ 1000 and want to confirm it's working properly. I'm seeing a bulk charge voltage on the bank of 52v while it's charging. I haven't run it like this for more than 20min so I'm not worried about damaged...
  2. D

    Help with Western Golf and Country Cart

    So i just got this new (old) Western cart. I'm trying to figure out some things. First what year is it, what frame is it on, can I put the hang off seats on the back? Some info on wiring batteries and accessories (best way) I'm new to carts and don't know anything about electric systems.
  3. Wildone71

    Looking for one 2000 Western Town and Country chrome wire wheel rim

    I need one more tire rim for my cart... please contact me if you have one for sale. Thank you, Denise. [email protected]
  4. R

    Golf & Country by Western need ID help

    Hello, Just bought a nice cart but need help with ID. The serial number is stamped on the frame under the passenger seat. It is. 2001008149. Can someone tell me year and such? Thank you!