1. T

    EZGO TXT Will Run and Lose Power Then Slow Down to a Dead Stop

    I recently purchased a used 2012 electric 36v Ezgo txt from a private seller. The issue we’re having is when we are driving it in forward it will go and then all of a sudden it just loses power and slows down to a dead stop. Once you turn the key off and on again or switch from neutral back to...
  2. S

    EZ-GO TXT Accelerator Problem

    We have a ~2002 EZ-GO TXT with a curtis controller. We replaced the batteries with Lithium Ion batteries 18 months ago. When you press down the accelerator, the cart goes to 100% acceleration immediately rather than gradually ramping up, then if you continue to press further, when you'd get to...
  3. M

    No Rear Shocks? 2012 TXT

    We bought a very clean 2012 48V TXT that only had a couple of small issues. One of them being that the cart squats on the driver's side and the springs on that side are now flat. I was under the cart yesterday to see what I needed to order to replace the springs...and here's the question. The...
  4. usdave

    2001 EZGO TXT Has Power But No Propulsion

    Hi everyone, I have a 2001 EZGO TXT (Customized and purchased in 2003). Our cart has always worked fine and worked fine the last time I used it before letting is sit. It sat without charging for over a year. When I went to charge it recently the positive terminals on all the batteries were...
  5. gschluge

    2003 EZGO PDS Runs Slow, Beeps Out Error Code 3-2, Shuts Down at 3/4 Throttle

    2003 EZGO TXT PDS running slow, shuts down at 3/4 throttle, beeps out error code 3-2 in diagnostic mode. 1206MX controller sent to a rebuilder. Nothing wrong with it. Casy sent me 3 different controllers. All the same. Tested the speed sensor. It was ok. Tested the throttle sensor. Got the...
  6. gschluge

    D&D Motor Speed Sensor

    I bought a new D&D regen motor systems in new York. Not by part number but for my 2093 ezgo, txt, pds regen golf cart. I got the motor today. The speed sensor is completely different. It has a black, red, and green pigtail out of the speed sensor. No information on how to wire this sensor to...
  7. T

    2008 EZGO TXT No Spark

    I have a 2008 EZGO TXT. I have to hold the pedal down for 30 to 45 seconds before it will start. I thought it was a fuel problem so I checked everything out on the fuel system. I put a spark tester on it and the engine has no spark but if I hold the pedal down for 30-45 seconds it will start...
  8. Z

    1996 EZGO TXT Working On and Off

    1996 EZGO TXT 36v working on and off. New solenoid, cleaned and inspected all connections, solenoid tests fine, controller tests fine ( used YouTube/ google to do all these tests) just bought 6 new batteries, new cables. Wasn't running when I got it at all. Now after pushing pedal down half...
  9. A

    EZGO Precision Drive System

    So I bought a used 2000 EZGO TXT a few months back with the intentions of fixing it up a bit. The first thing I tried to do was add a freedom chip to it to speed it up. I should mention I don’t know anything about golf cart repair or modifications. Upon trying to plug this chip in I discovered I...
  10. B

    2011 EZGO TXTE Shorted Key Switch to Turn Siginal Switch

    Thanks for looking. I have looked at many post and youtube videos trying to figure this out my self. I am at a loss. Local shop said its the controller with out even seeing cart. would like a second opinion... or as many opinions as I can get. 2011 EZGO TXTE 48 volt cart ran fine when I put new...
  11. E

    Solar Lithium Ezgo

    My project is to refurbish a 1996 Ezgo TXT, 36 Volt, with the plans to put a very large solar panel on top with the end goal of having an electric cart that is charged by the sun completely and is powered by Lithium batteries. I grew up around golf and rode in a few carts over the years, so am...
  12. S

    2009 EZGO TXT PDS Flood Cart

    So I have this cart, a 2009 EZGO TXT PDS golf cart that was in Harvey. I am hoping to get it back running. I disconnected the batteries and charged them individualy. I now show 36.2v on the battery pack. problem is, when I tried to hook up the battery cables they arced out. when I connect the...
  13. kraig

    Golf cart paint question

    hello, I painted my golf cart this weekend and as per the duplicolor instructions I put the clearcoat on right after the paint. It’s acrykic laquer paint and clear. Well needless to say it turned out badly. My question is can I salvage it or can I scuff it up and apply new acrykic paint over...
  14. HotRodCarts

    EZGO TXT Wiring Diagram Electric-Series

    EZGO TXT Wiring Diagram - Electric - Series Golf Cart
  15. HotRodCarts

    EZGO Gas Medalist and TXT Wiring Diagram

    EZGO Golf Cart Wiring Diagram E-Z-GO Wiring Diagram - Gas - TXT - Medalist - Wiring Diagram :ezgo: