1. B

    Advice on 2001 TXT PDS Golf Cart

    Good morning all! My and wife are looking at purchasing our first golf cart, the Marketplace add below is for a 2001 EZGO TXT with lithium batteries. We have 4 sons and would be looking to ad a rear seat. I'd love to get some advice on what questions/concerns I should ask of the seller, and...
  2. I

    Wiring Help with 2017 EZGO TXT FREEDOM (Gas)

    Thanks for letting me join. I've been working through a chronic illness, and tinkering with my cart that I got in November has been a true life saver. Well, I did something that I NEVER normally do, which is start a project without first taking a reference picture. I bought an aftermarket light...
  3. G

    Ezgo TXT Series 36 Volt Electric Runs and Will Not Run Intermittent

    Found a loose wire and terminal on the forward/reverse mechanism. Cart runs. If cart is stopped it will not move unless the f/r mechanism is moved back and forth. (During times when cart won't move the solenoid clicks when pedal is pushed) I'd assume that 23 years has taken its toll in the harsh...
  4. TXT


    EZGO 2002 TXT Freedom, 295cc, 6" lift.
  5. Invkimmy22

    Add a Dump Bed or Cargo Box on a EZGO TXT?

    I am looking to add a cargo box or dump bed to my 02 EZGO TXT. (profile pic) Anyone know if the Cushman beds would fit on it? The seat and roof riser setup does not go straight up so I am not sure if it would work. (also, new here, so please feel free to let me know if I am posting in the wrong...
  6. T

    EZGO TXT Will Run and Lose Power Then Slow Down to a Dead Stop

    I recently purchased a used 2012 electric 36v Ezgo txt from a private seller. The issue we’re having is when we are driving it in forward it will go and then all of a sudden it just loses power and slows down to a dead stop. Once you turn the key off and on again or switch from neutral back to...
  7. S

    EZ-GO TXT Accelerator Problem

    We have a ~2002 EZ-GO TXT with a curtis controller. We replaced the batteries with Lithium Ion batteries 18 months ago. When you press down the accelerator, the cart goes to 100% acceleration immediately rather than gradually ramping up, then if you continue to press further, when you'd get to...
  8. M

    No Rear Shocks? 2012 TXT

    We bought a very clean 2012 48V TXT that only had a couple of small issues. One of them being that the cart squats on the driver's side and the springs on that side are now flat. I was under the cart yesterday to see what I needed to order to replace the springs...and here's the question. The...
  9. usdave

    2001 EZGO TXT Has Power But No Propulsion

    Hi everyone, I have a 2001 EZGO TXT (Customized and purchased in 2003). Our cart has always worked fine and worked fine the last time I used it before letting is sit. It sat without charging for over a year. When I went to charge it recently the positive terminals on all the batteries were...
  10. gschluge

    2003 EZGO PDS Runs Slow, Beeps Out Error Code 3-2, Shuts Down at 3/4 Throttle

    2003 EZGO TXT PDS running slow, shuts down at 3/4 throttle, beeps out error code 3-2 in diagnostic mode. 1206MX controller sent to a rebuilder. Nothing wrong with it. Casy sent me 3 different controllers. All the same. Tested the speed sensor. It was ok. Tested the throttle sensor. Got the...
  11. gschluge

    D&D Motor Speed Sensor

    I bought a new D&D regen motor systems in new York. Not by part number but for my 2093 ezgo, txt, pds regen golf cart. I got the motor today. The speed sensor is completely different. It has a black, red, and green pigtail out of the speed sensor. No information on how to wire this sensor to...
  12. T

    2008 EZGO TXT No Spark

    I have a 2008 EZGO TXT. I have to hold the pedal down for 30 to 45 seconds before it will start. I thought it was a fuel problem so I checked everything out on the fuel system. I put a spark tester on it and the engine has no spark but if I hold the pedal down for 30-45 seconds it will start...
  13. Z

    1996 EZGO TXT Working On and Off

    1996 EZGO TXT 36v working on and off. New solenoid, cleaned and inspected all connections, solenoid tests fine, controller tests fine ( used YouTube/ google to do all these tests) just bought 6 new batteries, new cables. Wasn't running when I got it at all. Now after pushing pedal down half...
  14. A

    EZGO Precision Drive System

    So I bought a used 2000 EZGO TXT a few months back with the intentions of fixing it up a bit. The first thing I tried to do was add a freedom chip to it to speed it up. I should mention I don’t know anything about golf cart repair or modifications. Upon trying to plug this chip in I discovered I...
  15. B

    2011 EZGO TXTE Shorted Key Switch to Turn Siginal Switch

    Thanks for looking. I have looked at many post and youtube videos trying to figure this out my self. I am at a loss. Local shop said its the controller with out even seeing cart. would like a second opinion... or as many opinions as I can get. 2011 EZGO TXTE 48 volt cart ran fine when I put new...
  16. E

    Solar Lithium Ezgo

    My project is to refurbish a 1996 Ezgo TXT, 36 Volt, with the plans to put a very large solar panel on top with the end goal of having an electric cart that is charged by the sun completely and is powered by Lithium batteries. I grew up around golf and rode in a few carts over the years, so am...
  17. S

    2009 EZGO TXT PDS Flood Cart

    So I have this cart, a 2009 EZGO TXT PDS golf cart that was in Harvey. I am hoping to get it back running. I disconnected the batteries and charged them individualy. I now show 36.2v on the battery pack. problem is, when I tried to hook up the battery cables they arced out. when I connect the...
  18. kraig

    Golf cart paint question

    hello, I painted my golf cart this weekend and as per the duplicolor instructions I put the clearcoat on right after the paint. It’s acrykic laquer paint and clear. Well needless to say it turned out badly. My question is can I salvage it or can I scuff it up and apply new acrykic paint over...
  19. HotRodCarts

    EZGO TXT Wiring Diagram Electric-Series

    EZGO TXT Wiring Diagram - Electric - Series Golf Cart
  20. HotRodCarts

    EZGO Gas Medalist and TXT Wiring Diagram

    EZGO Golf Cart Wiring Diagram E-Z-GO Wiring Diagram - Gas - TXT - Medalist - Wiring Diagram :ezgo: