turn signals

  1. K

    Installing Turn Signals and Horn to a 2014 EZGO TXT

    Our county changed laws to allow golf carts on city streets (which I must do to get to the clubhouse), which include side mirrors, reflector pads, seat belts, and also turn signals and a horn. I have completed all the requirements except installing the turn signal and horn. I bought a Universal...
  2. N

    Installing Turn Indicators

    I recently purchased a used Hyundai gas golf cart in very good condition. It has front lights and front parking lights & rear taillights. When the front lights are on, the front parking lights are also on. Thus, when I flick the toggle switch for the lights on the steering column, all six...
  3. Hoymnate

    Turn Signal Flasher

    I have a 2011 Yamaha with factory? installed turn signals. My problem is the flasher unit is silent and I can drive forever with the turn signals on and not know it. Does anyone know how to access the flasher unit to replace with one which makes a lot of noise?