turn signals

  1. C

    Yamaha Drive 2 Won’t Move and Horn Lights and Turn Signals Not Working

    Hello all. I have a 2017 Yamaha Drive 2 I believe that while I was deployed was working fine until my wife hit a bump not too hard but the speaker on the cart would go in and out. Then once they left later that day died and wouldn’t go. After turning the cart on and off it continued then about 5...
  2. W

    2016 EZGO RXV Turn Signal Install

    I have a 2016 EZGO RXV which has the factory headlights with turn signals bulbs. Currently the turn signal bulbs do not work. I purchased a kit from ROHX (link below). people were saying this would work for 2016 although i don't know how. Has anyone installed these before? Looking for ideas on...
  3. K

    Installing Turn Signals and Horn to a 2014 EZGO TXT

    Our county changed laws to allow golf carts on city streets (which I must do to get to the clubhouse), which include side mirrors, reflector pads, seat belts, and also turn signals and a horn. I have completed all the requirements except installing the turn signal and horn. I bought a Universal...
  4. N

    Installing Turn Indicators

    I recently purchased a used Hyundai gas golf cart in very good condition. It has front lights and front parking lights & rear taillights. When the front lights are on, the front parking lights are also on. Thus, when I flick the toggle switch for the lights on the steering column, all six...
  5. Hoymnate

    Turn Signal Flasher

    I have a 2011 Yamaha with factory? installed turn signals. My problem is the flasher unit is silent and I can drive forever with the turn signals on and not know it. Does anyone know how to access the flasher unit to replace with one which makes a lot of noise?