1. J

    Troubleshooting Guide Needed

    Back Ground: I have a 1994 Club Car Electric (J9425 384233) that I converted to 48V (8-6V batteries) from 36V (6-6V Batteries). I replaced the motor, Controller (Alltrax SR400), the Solenoid (D&D I think), the FNR switch (Red Hawk) and all of the power wiring. The V-glide is the original...
  2. AtlantiasFalcon

    Need Help Troubleshooting Tried Every Suggestion

    This is my first golf cart and I did not do the proper maintenance. I used it as normal, but didn't use it often. One day I went to charge it and it wouldn't charge which started this journey. I learned about watering the batteries at that point. So I added the water and thought was all good...
  3. J

    Lagging When Climbing and Eventually Dies

    Hi All, I am brand new to cart ownership. Picked up a classic 3-wheeler EZ-GO X-440 with the x bars (1967-1979 Era). Top is in decent shape, has an owie on the back left fender and some signs it has been well loved, but definitely stands out and draws a few eyes nonetheless. Batteries seem...
  4. HotRodCarts

    EZGO Golf Cart Electric DCS-TXT Wiring Diagram and Troubleshooting

    EZGO Golf Cart Wiring Diagram EZGO Golf Cart Electric DCS-TXT Wiring Diagram and Troubleshooting chart :ezgo:
  5. HotRodCarts

    Club Car No Spark Troubleshooting

    Club Car Golf Cart with No Spark :clubcar: Here is a step by step guide to trouble shooting 92-96 Club Car with no spark. For 97-up, skip step 3. Step 1. Un plug the black/white wire from the limiter, down by the base of the dip stick, in this area. If it still does not spark, go to step 2. If...
  6. HotRodCarts

    Westinghouse Marketeer Diagnostics

    4 Solenoid Westinghouse Marketeer Diagnostics
  7. HotRodCarts

    Par Car Wiring Diagram & Troubleshooting

    92-94 Par Car Troubleshooting and wiring diagram