1. kalnoithagolan

    Fairplay Electric Throttle Sensor

    Hi friends, new here. I have a question. Are all the throttle sensors on golf carts the same? If I'm ordering an EZGO throttle sensor and putting it instead of a Fairplay sensor, will it work? I mean, they are the same dimensions. Same question about the speed sensor on the motor.
  2. Mals Melex

    Melex with electronic controller goes dead after half throttle.

    Kind of new to these things. Not sure how fast it's supposed to go. It moves along pretty quick but if you floor it, it goes dead. I see 2 wires going from the pedal resistor to the controller. Can you check them with an ohm meter?
  3. HotRodCarts

    EZGO Gas Golf Cart Routine Maintenance

    EZGO Golf Cart Maintenance These maintenance techniques are designed for 1996-2003 (early) E-Z-GOs. Most of what is mentioned applies to 91-present 4 cycle engines. After reading, you will be able to determine the difference based on the description. If you have any questions, or need...