1. A

    ATV Parts Swapping to Golf Cart

    Hi all! I am going to try and start a new project on my 2000 EzGo TXT. The cart was formerly electric, but I have put in a small engine, and ran a chain to the rear diff. It works fine, but I’m having issues with the chain so I am looking to swap it. I have seen a few builds where people take...
  2. S

    Club Car with EZ-GO Charger

    Hi everybody! I recently bought a 1986 Club Car DS 36v. It runs but it's slow. I'd like to convert it to 48v as I already have a 48v charger. Problem is it's an EZ-GO Delta-Q SC-48 charger. I happen to have a spare receptacle and charger controller that I'm thinking about installing on my cart...
  3. whiteGIANT510

    Zap Xebra

    I had a Zap Xebra nev that was stolen from me in 2020 but it was recalled so I couldn't report it. (Long story) I found it at a local tow yard wrecked. Apparently they have had it since a week after it was stolen. Anyway I can get it back for $200 and it still runs I'm thinking about pulling...