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    Tie Rod ends Rubbing on New Stock Style Rims

    Tie rod ends rubbing on new stock style rims, nothing seems broken or bent, both sides exact same, any ideas? Wheel spacers will be last resort.
  2. M

    What is this Extra Spindle Connection on Passenger Side of 2004.5 Club Car DS

    I am installing a 6" lift kit and the new spindles do not include a place to attach this linkage. Every video and document I found does not mention this extra part on the passenger side of this 2004.5 (plastic dust caps) Club Cart DS. What is the original intention or design for this and is it...
  3. D

    General Lift Questions

    I’ve installed a rear seat on my Yamaha gas G29 Drive, it’s clear I need heavy duty springs ASAP. During which I thought it would make sense to look at a lift kit along with the springs and I have some general lift kit questions and looking for reviews . This is a neighborhood cart used for...
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    1981 EZGO Marathon - Suspension

    I have a 1981 EZGO Marathon, gas cart. The cart is finally up and running great, so i'd like to move on to improving the suspension for better ride and control. The old gas carts are basically leaf springs cut in half up front, so I was curious if anyone has any suggestions to improve the...
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    EZGO steers farther left than right

    I just acquired a 2006 EZGO TXT 36 volt. When turning the wheel to the left the wheels turn sharply, when turning to the right the wheels don't turn much at all, maybe half of the normal position. I figured the cure would be to turn in the ball joint that comes out of the steering rack, but it...
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    Club Car DS Electric cart - Knock noise when sharp turn

    I have a 2009 Club Car DS Electric Golf Cart. All of a sudden, when I make a sharp turn in either direction, I get a loud knock from the steering mechanism. Mostly notice it when I am turning the wheel all the way one direction or the other to park or turn when starting to move the cart. I...