1. B

    Hot Starting Issue with a Club Car Precedent

    I have a 2008 Club Car Precedent Gas. It has a problem that has been coming and going since early last summer. It starts and runs great most of the time but after it is driven for a longer distance ( say around a mile or so) it will not start back when you stop. No click, no turn over, nothing...
  2. C

    Club Car DS Head Gasket

    I have a approx 1981 Club Car DS that has run perfectly until yesterday. Serial # first two numebers is 79, but the DS actually came out the following year, so I'm not 100% certain on model year. Yesterday when cranking i noticed the Spark plug wire at the plug had failing rubber (got a nice...
  3. jammerkid1

    EZGO Gas Golf Cart Won't Turn Over

    When my Club Car burned, I got an EZGO TXT 2003 gas model golf cart. It ran good but smoked like one of those mosquito spraying trucks. I had new rings, valves, and valve seats replaced. I got the cart back a couple of weeks ago, ran good, no smoke (yeah). Three or four days ago, I was riding...