starting or electric issue

  1. W

    G5 Gas to G9 Gas Conversion

    Yamaha G5 to G9 conversion New to the gas cart World converting a g5 into a g9 with g9 wire harness and components but using the g5 j38 motor the motor turns over but when the voltage regulator /rectifier is plugged in it won't turn over and blows the 10 amp fuse although the regulatory is new...
  2. M

    Club Car DS Gas Starting Problem

    I could use some help. I have a 1996 gas Club Car DS with a starting problem. For a month now my golf cart has seemed to have a hard time starting here and there. Occasionally, I would turn the key, put it in forward and would push the gas pedal and the golf cart would not was like I...
  3. Lyle A Nichols

    Club Car Gas Golf Cart Won't Start Throttle Cable Smoking

    I have a 1990 gas Club Car golf cart that won't start. Today when pushing the gas pedal to try to start it the starter did not turn and the throttle cable going from the carburetor to the electrical box started smoking and burnt the cable case. Could this mean I lost a ground or something and...