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    Evolution D3 Lithium Battery - Cart Not Starting

    Hi all, Last week I purchased an Evolution D3 Golf Cart with a 48V 130AH Lithium Battery. The Dealer told us to charge it every time after using it because it is a smart battery system. On or around the third day having it, it would fail to start when we removed the charger. It has a key fob...
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    G2 to G9 conversion where can i go wrong

    If all components and wire harness are for a G9 does it matter if the cart alone is a G2 i can't find any difference except the engine is equipped with an oil level switch for a indicator light on the dash i think the only function the oil lever swich provides is to light up when oil level is...
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    Yamaha G1 Golf Cart Won't Turn Over Or Start

    Yamaha G1 golf cart will not turn over or start. The motor if free, battery good but wont make voltage click or engage. I can press manually to make motor just sort of skip but not turn over. Is there a voltage that should be at each post as pedal is depressed? Can someone lead me in right...