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    Started Generator Replacement?

    Can anyone tell me what’s going on here? I’ve replaced the battery and solenoid and I’m still getting the attached results. Any help is appreciated. Thanks!
  2. S

    2005/2006 Club Car Gas Starter Location

    Good morning, Does anyone have images and instructions on removal of the starter for a 2005/2006 gas powered Club Car? We've got one that wouldn't start and it sure seemed like the solenoid was the issue. But we had the solenoid checked out and we were told it was fine. We were told that the...
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    95 Gas Club Car Won't Start

    My 95 Club Car golf cart had been turning over slowly for a while and finally doesn't start at all. After doing some reading, I changed the limit switches in the box under the seat as well as the solenoid. Still won't start. I removed motor and discovered one of the brushes had a little...