starter generator

  1. C

    G16 Clicks but Does Not Run

    Hi all, What a great forum, loads of information. At my volunatary job they have a Yamaha G16 (gas) which I'm trying to repair. The cart refuses to start, because the starter generator does not turn. Sometimes the starter generator turns very lightly in certain positions (say 3...4 degrees)...
  2. Dozley11

    Starter will not turn

    I've searched and i'm sure this answer is somewhere but i can't find it... I have an EZGO Workhorse 1200 with a EH350 Robin engine. A friend was driving it and it was running great, pulled into the driveway, let off the pedal, and that was it. No more running cart. Battery was good and solenoid...
  3. W

    G2 to G9 conversion where can i go wrong

    If all components and wire harness are for a G9 does it matter if the cart alone is a G2 i can't find any difference except the engine is equipped with an oil level switch for a indicator light on the dash i think the only function the oil lever swich provides is to light up when oil level is...
  4. T

    2007 Gas Precedent POWER ISSUE!

    My gas powered Club Car Precedent wouldn't run and during the trouble shooting process I replaced the Starter/Generator, Solenoid and the battery. Finally got it running but have a power issue. Over the weekend the battery wouldn't stay charged and eventually drained to 0 amps and died. I bought...
  5. S

    Club Car DS Burning Up Coils

    So this 96 Club Car DS has me stumped burning up coils. I changed starter generator with Ebay special and the starter burnt up. So put old original back in and still blowing coils every 2-3 months. Carts used alot on weekends. Often cart kills battery and will get stuck out in never never land...