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    G2 to G9 conversion where can i go wrong

    If all components and wire harness are for a G9 does it matter if the cart alone is a G2 i can't find any difference except the engine is equipped with an oil level switch for a indicator light on the dash i think the only function the oil lever swich provides is to light up when oil level is...
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    2007 Gas Precedent POWER ISSUE!

    My gas powered Club Car Precedent wouldn't run and during the trouble shooting process I replaced the Starter/Generator, Solenoid and the battery. Finally got it running but have a power issue. Over the weekend the battery wouldn't stay charged and eventually drained to 0 amps and died. I bought...
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    Club Car DS Burning Up Coils

    So this 96 Club Car DS has me stumped burning up coils. I changed starter generator with Ebay special and the starter burnt up. So put old original back in and still blowing coils every 2-3 months. Carts used alot on weekends. Often cart kills battery and will get stuck out in never never land...