speed upgrade

  1. Roy Gurley

    Club Car Golf Cart Loses Speed On Slight Hill

    Have a 2014 Club Car golf cart setup with the s4 speed control (19.6 mph) but it loses speed and crawls up a slight hill. Any ideas ?
  2. D

    Can I Speed Up My EZGO Cheaply?

    I have been reading through some of the posts on these forums and trying to figure out how to speed up my EZGO golf cart cheaply without having to spend $500 or more. I have a 1996 EZ-GO TXT 36 volt. I clocked it at 11mph :(. I would like to get it up to at least 20 mph. From what i read, i...
  3. A

    Has Anyone Installed High Speed Gears In a Club Car Golf Cart

    I'm just curious if anyone has installed high speed gears in their Club Car golf cart? My question is it better to buy a new motor or to install high speed gears? Id like to speed up just a little but also don't wont to compromise to much torque. My golf cart will be in the woods a lot hunting...