speed sensor

  1. D

    New solenoid, new speed controller, cart won’t start

    Club Car Precedent made in 2012. Have had it for almost 3 years with no issues. It was working fine until recently when the cart would randomly slow down or stall. It eventually refused to start. I replaced the solenoid first, then the controller. Now the cart still won’t start at all. I am...
  2. D

    2010 Club Car Precedent i2 Acceleration Issues

    Afternoon all - I have a 2010 Club Car Precedent i2 Electric (PH) that is having intermittent acceleration issues. The acceleration issues occur when we are driving the cart and then we brake to 1mph or less and then press the accelerator again. Sometimes the cart does nothing and you have to...
  3. A

    Club Car Speed Sensor

    Just bought an 07 48v Club Car. It was kicking me down to 9mph so I ordered a new speed sensor. I made the mistake of not sticking my head down there and making sure I got the right one. So I got the top hat style, and I needed the flat style. Because you are required to remove 2 screws for the...
  4. kalnoithagolan

    Fairplay Electric Throttle Sensor

    Hi friends, new here. I have a question. Are all the throttle sensors on golf carts the same? If I'm ordering an EZGO throttle sensor and putting it instead of a Fairplay sensor, will it work? I mean, they are the same dimensions. Same question about the speed sensor on the motor.