speed control

  1. C

    Regenerative Brake

    I have a Brand New - 2-Seater for now - Club Car Onward with Trojan Batteries. First l am wondering if anyone has a link to an owners manual? The Dealer says they do not. Looking for rear seat as well if anyone knows of one. However the real reason I decided to Post was because of the...
  2. M

    2006 Fairplay Motor Issues?

    Brand new here and new to owning a golf cart. We bought a 2006 Fairplay 48 volt, single bench with the rear foldable bench on back. It is lifted with a little larger set of tires. It drove great for 6 months or so and just recently on our last drive it started loosing power and would only go...
  3. S

    Too Fast After Changing Controller

    Replaced speed controller with 400 amp vs old one , 300 amp. Only goes fast , no gradual speed up when pedal is pressed. Anything that can be done or should be done? Go back to 300 or is there a fix. 2003 ezgo 36 volt .
  4. Dannie0429

    Club Car Precedent Surging

    I have a 48 volt 2014 Club Car Precedent that's surging. It surges when throttle is depressed. Read on line about turning key on, switch to neutral and pump throttle 20 to 25 times. It works to give me a smooth ride but I have to repeat every now and then. My question is what part is this...