solenoid problems

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    1988 EZGO 2 Cycle Keeps Killing Solenoid

    Hi, I just bought a 1988 EZGO 2 Cycle gas golf cart that had been sitting. I did all the maintenance to it, cleaned the carburetor, drained the gas tank etc. I got it running and took it for a drive and all seemed well until I turned it off then tried to turn it on again then it would not start...
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    Club Car DS 36 Volt Runs When Solenoid Is Jumped

    I have a 2003 Club Car DS 36 volt that only runs when the solenoid is jumped. We can touch the top terminals together with a wrench or screw driver and tires will spin in forward or reverse and will speed up when go pedal is pushed. But will not run with key in on position and go pedal presses...
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    48 volt horn problem on 2015 Clubcar Precedent Electric

    Hello, I recently direct connected a 48 volt horn to the battery bank of six eight volt batteries. A simple horn button breaks the positive wire and is a normally open swiths. Meaning it is open all tgt time and closes upon pressing the button. My problem is if I am driving the cart and press...