shifting problem

  1. A

    Forward Reverse Stuck in Neutral

    My 93 gas Club Car will not let me shift out of neutral in any direction. I unhooked the cable at the switch, it does not seem to be frozen. No amount of pushing or pulling will move it. The engine can be off, idle, or speeding up and the problem persists.
  2. dlybarger

    Yamaha G29 Forward Reverse Issue

    I have a 2008 Yamaha YDRA. I think it's a G29. The gear selector lever moves freely from Forward to Reverse but the car will not move. The clutch appears to be working properly as the input shaft to the transmission is turning. I raised the rear wheels off the ground with a floor jack and the...
  3. T-Bone's Yami

    08 Yamaha Drive (Gas) Starting & Shifting Issues

    My 2008 Yamaha G29 Drive (Gas) golf cart won't start and the forward/reverse lever is stuck in the forward position. I drove it last Saturday and then parked it in the shed, without any issues, but the next morning when I went to pull it out of my shed, I noticed that I could not move the shift...