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    1990 Club Car DS Gas Basic Maintenance

    Hello everyone! I acquired a 1990 Club Car DS Gas last year and am wanting to perform some basic maintenance. I have been unable to find a manual for this cart. What I am looking to do is change the oil, air filter and oil filter (which I cannot see by looking underneath). I am also wanting...
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    EZGO Gas Golf Cart Service Schedule

    EZGO Golf Cart Maintenance EZGO General Maintenance - GAS - EZGO Gas Golf Carts :ezgo:
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    Club Car DS Servicing

    This post is about how to service your gas Club Car DS gas models 1992-2005 with the FE290cc engine and most FE350cc models. :clubcar: ENGINE OIL AND FILTER CHANGE First, lets start with the basic oil & filter change. This should work with both a lifted cart and a non...