1. K

    EZGO RXV Winter Battery Performance

    I am a recently new owner of a 2017 EZGO RXV and first time cart owner. I have enjoyed it through the summer months and now I have occasionally used it in the winter, the coldest it gets here is 30°F. The cart stays plugged in charging 24/7 inside a tarp shed. When I go to drive it, it seems...
  2. S

    2009 EZGO RXV Clutch

    I have a 2009 EZGO RXV Freedom that the driven clutch was replaced with a 644300 model number clutch. The drive clutch was not changed. Now it engages very hard unless you baby it and I have severe shaking from start of accelerating until I get up to speed. I am curious wether that is the proper...
  3. gabbyjda

    2013 EZGO RXV Rear Grinding/Brushing Noise

    Hi all, new to the forum and happy it exists. This weekend I bought a used 2013 EZGO RXV. The car is in great shape with a nice lift kit and new wheels. The only problem is that there is a grinding or brushing noise that comes from the rear. The noise is most persistent when the auto break would...
  4. G

    EZGO RXV Brakes Locked Up and Not Moving

    I have an EZGO RXV with Danaher controller. My golf cart was working normally until suddenly I received an empty battery warning light. Seeing that, I put it to charge. I waited for it to charge completely. After recharging them I tried to turn on the golf cart. But, when I turn the keys to put...
  5. Jeff Frye

    Heater for EZGO RXV

    Hey guys. I have a 2015 EZGO RXV with a tray mounted above the cupholders. Have any of you figured out a way to use one of the portable propane heaters? The tray prevents the use of a heater using one of the cup sleeves because the front cup holders are too small and the height of the two...