runs slow

  1. V

    DS Speed Increase

    Hi All, I have a 2001 DS 48V and am looking for suggestions to increase the speed. I have monitored it with a speed app on my phone and on pavement, max speed is 19mph. Any suggestions from the group? Thanks in advance
  2. T

    Fairplay Golf Cart is SLOW

    I have a Fairplay golf cart that runs really slow (~8-10mph?). When you push the pedal down all the way it feels like it takes off but then almost feels like it tops out and slows down to a constant speed. Current motor controller is the Kinetek KCCA0004 0027. I have been reading a lot on the...
  3. gschluge

    2003 EZGO PDS Runs Slow, Beeps Out Error Code 3-2, Shuts Down at 3/4 Throttle

    2003 EZGO TXT PDS running slow, shuts down at 3/4 throttle, beeps out error code 3-2 in diagnostic mode. 1206MX controller sent to a rebuilder. Nothing wrong with it. Casy sent me 3 different controllers. All the same. Tested the speed sensor. It was ok. Tested the throttle sensor. Got the...