1. J

    New ROYAL EV

    I just bought a new 48V ROYAL EV, street legal, which is built in Cartersville, Ga. I drove from Franklin, NC. to Golf Carts Plus in Spartanburg, SC. to pick it up. I originally made a deal over the phone for a new white one, fully loaded, lifted, Navitas, etc., with a few hours on it at a...
  2. JRay

    GTW Mach 3 Rear Flip Seat Review

    Installed a GTW Mach 3 rear flip seat for a neighbor a few weeks ago, foot rest was a little warped, would not sit flat, racked it around, added some extra bolts got it to look ok. Today another neighbor shows up with the same seat,those dudes must have got their heads together. Anyway this...
  3. F

    Club Car Precedent Allsports 6" HD Lift Kit Install & Review Youtube Video

    Hey Guys I just recently installed a 6" Allsports HD lift on my 2014 Club Car Precedent. I looked on youtube for a tutorial and couldn't really find one so I made one for my youtube channel. I will say that so far I'm extremely happy with this kit. The HD springs doesn't ride like a horse...