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    Madjax Genesis 300 Aluminum Rear flip seat Quality

    I recently purchased a 2012.5 Yamaha Gas G29 & I’m ready to add rear seats to it. I’m looking at the Madjax Genesis 300 Aluminum Rear Flip Seat from TNT carts. But I still have a few doubts... Will the aluminum be the best choice Vs. the 250 Steel? Has anyone experienced structural issues...
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    Will My EZGO Golf Cart Fit In a Pickup Truck?

    Hello everyone, I am a new member and a new owner of a 2015 EZGO TXT. It is currently bone stock. I show the length of my cart to 93". I have a long bed 2012 F350 pickup truck that I measured to be 96". Will my EZGO golf cart fit in the back of a pickup truck. Has anyone here used this setup...