1. B

    78 EZGO Battery Range

    Hey guys I'll post some pics of how the cart is coming a mechanic buddy just hooked me up with 3 new Mercedes agm 95ah batteries so I'm gonna have to do some fab workto fit all 3 batteries nicely due to size but was wondering and ill explain this the best I can The original 6v nfg batteries I...
  2. kraig

    Increasing Range on a 36 Volt EZGO TXT PDS Golf Cart

    Hello, I was wanting to add two extra 6 volt batteries to my 36v and still keep it 36 volts. The desired effect is increasing the range or run time on my EZGO TXT PDS golf cart. Can I add them in parallel whilst keeping the original 6v batts in series? Will this produce the desired effect?
  3. adam wheeler

    Is it possible to add on more batteries for an extended range in your electric vehicle?

    So I discovered the world of SLV's ((slow moving vehicles)) out of a place of desperation, I could never afford a big car or insurance for one and I see allot of people using none plated golf carts all the time in my city of New Orleans and had a chat with one of the operators and they said...