power loss

  1. devonlopez219

    Bought used cart, has issues with acceleration & etc

    I recently bought a Club Car, unsure what year it is seems to not have any VIN number on it anywhere. It has a lift put on, and aftermarket tires and seats. I noticed today when riding around it was accelerating ok at first, then I noticed some things. Battery went from full on the battery...
  2. Danny.prouty

    EZGO - No Power - Not the Valves - Air Assembly the Cause - Why??

    Loss of power in ezgo workhorse st350 when motor is warm/hot. Motor needs to fully cool before I have power again. I have adjusted valves to .004, .006, .008, .009, as well as the bottom out and then back 1/4 turn trick. No significant differences in performance at any of these lash settings...
  3. T

    EZGO TXT Will Run and Lose Power Then Slow Down to a Dead Stop

    I recently purchased a used 2012 electric 36v Ezgo txt from a private seller. The issue we’re having is when we are driving it in forward it will go and then all of a sudden it just loses power and slows down to a dead stop. Once you turn the key off and on again or switch from neutral back to...
  4. B

    Yamaha G2 power loss

    Hi everyone from new member in UK. Just had a new generator belt fitted by one of our greens staff. Engine ticks over great and runs at low speed ok but depressing gas pedal at first causes revs to pick up then they quickly die. If I open choke ,engine revs pick up again. Air filter seems to be...