1. gschluge

    2003 EZGO PDS Runs Slow, Beeps Out Error Code 3-2, Shuts Down at 3/4 Throttle

    2003 EZGO TXT PDS running slow, shuts down at 3/4 throttle, beeps out error code 3-2 in diagnostic mode. 1206MX controller sent to a rebuilder. Nothing wrong with it. Casy sent me 3 different controllers. All the same. Tested the speed sensor. It was ok. Tested the throttle sensor. Got the...
  2. gschluge

    D&D Motor Speed Sensor

    I bought a new D&D regen motor systems in new York. Not by part number but for my 2093 ezgo, txt, pds regen golf cart. I got the motor today. The speed sensor is completely different. It has a black, red, and green pigtail out of the speed sensor. No information on how to wire this sensor to...
  3. D

    Electric 2006 EZGO TXT PDS Not Moving At All

    I have gotten some amazing answers about my 2006 EZGO TXT PDS golf cart…and Thank You…This an issue that is perplexing me…could be motor burnt out, controller too hot, or whatever else I have not dove into. I fixed the cart to prime level because of your answers. Last week at camp not one issue...
  4. A

    EZGO Precision Drive System

    So I bought a used 2000 EZGO TXT a few months back with the intentions of fixing it up a bit. The first thing I tried to do was add a freedom chip to it to speed it up. I should mention I don’t know anything about golf cart repair or modifications. Upon trying to plug this chip in I discovered I...
  5. C

    2011 EZGO TXT Wrong Controller?

    Hey all, thanks for having me as I am new to the forum. So far this has been my number one resource and I love it. 2011 EZGO TXT 48V I bought the golf cart listed above in a non running state just to mess around on during the lock down as many other did. After getting it back to the garage I...
  6. S

    2009 EZGO TXT PDS Flood Cart

    So I have this cart, a 2009 EZGO TXT PDS golf cart that was in Harvey. I am hoping to get it back running. I disconnected the batteries and charged them individualy. I now show 36.2v on the battery pack. problem is, when I tried to hook up the battery cables they arced out. when I connect the...
  7. M

    2001 EZGO erratic motor

    I have a 2001 EZGO PDS, I put in a Alltrax 48v controller and for now stock 36v motor. The problem is it wont go, it has erratic jolts when pushing pedal down and will not stop til turned off. Ive checked wiring switches, everything, I also did a low voltage check on motor. One thing came up is...
  8. kraig

    Need Advise On Golf Cart Repair Shop’s Conclusion

    I have a EZGO PDS golf cart that I just replaced the cables and batteries and need advise on golf cart repair shop’s conclusion. It was my pawpaws and it ran fine before he parked it. I couldn’t get it to run, click, beep or anything. I didn’t have time to figure it so I just took it to a golf...
  9. HotRodCarts

    EZGO TXT Golf Cart Wiring Diagram PDS

    EZGO TXT Golf Cart Wiring Diagram PDS :ezgo: https://cartaholics.com/attachments/ezgopdswiring-pdf.30/
  10. HotRodCarts

    E-Z-GO PDS Electric Diagnostic Mode

    EZGO PDS Golf Cart Diagnostic Mode E-Z-GO PDS Diagnostic Mode: To place the E-Z-GO PDS Golf Cart in diagnostic mode, with the key in the 'OFF' position, move the 'Run Tow Maintenance' switch to the 'RUN' position, move the Forward and Reverse switch from 'Neutral to Reverse' five times... The...
  11. HotRodCarts

    E-Z-GO PDS Fault Codes

    EZGO PDS Golf Cart Diagnostic Mode & Fault Codes E-Z-GO PDS Diagnostic Mode - EZGO PDS Fault Diagnostic Codes To place the E-Z-GO PDS Golf Cart in diagnostic mode, with the key in the 'OFF' position, move the 'Run Tow Maintenance' switch to the 'RUN' position, move the Forward and Reverse...