1. B

    Who Makes this Back Seat Kit

    Does anybody know who makes this back seat kit? It looks similar to a GTW Mach 3, but its not...
  2. M

    ST 350 Style Front Cowls

    We have quite a few ST 350 style cowls in our inventory we would like to sell. We are willing to sell them at $80 for a single but if you purchase a larger quantity we can do $50 a piece. Some scratches from storage great for the ranch cart or for a repaint.... these retail for hundreds of...
  3. Amber

    Searching for Fairplay Battery Diagram

    Hi everyone! First day on the forums here. Purchased a Fairplay 4person Legacy Transport at an auction this past weekend and when I went back to “collect” it Tuesday I discovered someone had helped themselves to one of my batteries since the auction on Saturday...smh...don’t want hook up a new...
  4. N

    Where to get HDK Parts?

    Anyone know where to get HDK parts? I have recently gotten a 2011 HDK, but am having some difficulty finding things like Roof Top, and Windshield. Thanks!
  5. F

    Ezgo Marathon - Unknown Part

    Can anyone tell me what this unknown part is? And where I can find a replacement? It is off of a 1980's EZGO Marathon golf cart.