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    No Power 2015 RXV

    2015 EZGO RXV golf cart has been sitting all winter. Put chargers on all batteries to bring them up to 12v. Tried it when pack got to about 48v and it bumped but wouldn’t move, reverse alarm sounded. Put Delta-Q charger on and left overnight. In the morning pack was 48.9 and charger timed out...
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    No Power Under Load

    I have a two stroke EZgo, if I jack the wheels off the ground it runs great, put the wheels on the ground and it will run but very slow no power? Anyone have any ideas? Thanks in advance!
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    2021 Ezgo Express S4 Elite Suddenly Stopped and Won't Run

    2021 Ezgo Express S4 Elite Was driving down the road and it suddenly stopped. I started checking it out and while doing so, I broke the throttle resistor fuse. I have replaced the throttle resistor and still will not move. Power goes all the way to the controller when you push the accelerator so...
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    Loss of Power 96 EZGO TXT 36V

    Hey all, I have a 96 36V EZGO TXT that loses power. It will so great until I go up one hill. After the hill, I have no power, specifically, no torque. Battery’s still show 38 volts and while driving, 36.3V even going up a hill. Anybody have any recommendations?
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    1996 EZGO Won’t Go Forward or Reverse

    We checked the batteries on our 1996 EZGO and we have the voltage. Controller is pretty new. Changed out the micro switch. When we shift into forward or reverse and hit the gas nothing happens and the golf cart won't go. All electrical seems to be working. Figured I’d reach out here for some...
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    No Power After Melting Battery Terminal and Replacing Batteries

    I have an early 2000s model yamaha electric golf cart. I tried to pull a heavy load which in turn melted a loose battery terminal which stopped cart dead in tracks.(obviously) I tried to rig wire enough just to pull cart to yard to work on. Could get enough connection to turn on but would lose...
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    EZGO Losing Power Going Up Hills

    I purchased a brand new gas EZGO 6 passenger cart about 2 months ago. This was our 4th trip using it and having some issues losing power going up steep hills. The first trip had no issues and drove it on the exact same hills. The vehicle starts losing power once we get about 3/4 way up the hill...