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    Melex 212 Won't Move - Many Details Included

    My screen name is a bit misleading. I don't golf, so all I am here for is repairs. I don't typically work on golf carts. Anyway, I am working on a Melex 212 36V for a buddy. -It has two new batteries and the other four tested good. The batteries are wired as per the resistor wiring schematic...
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    Troubleshooting Guide Needed

    Back Ground: I have a 1994 Club Car Electric (J9425 384233) that I converted to 48V (8-6V batteries) from 36V (6-6V Batteries). I replaced the motor, Controller (Alltrax SR400), the Solenoid (D&D I think), the FNR switch (Red Hawk) and all of the power wiring. The V-glide is the original...
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    EZGO RXV Brakes Locked Up and Not Moving

    I have an EZGO RXV with Danaher controller. My golf cart was working normally until suddenly I received an empty battery warning light. Seeing that, I put it to charge. I waited for it to charge completely. After recharging them I tried to turn on the golf cart. But, when I turn the keys to put...