1. J

    Solenoid on Club Car DS Continuous Click and Won’t Run

    Ok so this thing has been a pain and I haven’t seen any forums with the same issue. It’s an 07 club car ds 48v with the rocker fnd switch . It randomly stopped running one day. Since then it’s gotten a new d&d motor, new navitas 440 controller , new solenoid, new mcor, new fnr switch. I’ve been...
  2. D

    2003 Club Car DS 48v Navitas TSX 3.0 600A Problem

    Hello all, I am new to the golf cart seen and have been upgrading my 2003 Club Car DS 48v (AA0321-######). I installed the Navitas TSX 3.0 600A controller, but needed an adapter because of the stock controller. Got the adapter and followed all the direction, even took pictures and downloaded...
  3. C

    EZGO series converted to Navitas AC

    Hi guys! First post here. I’m considering converting my EZGO 2003 series cart the 5K 600 amp setup. I’ve already converted to 48 volts with an Alltrax 48500 controller and a Plum Quick Bandit upgraded motor. (I know I’ll be selling these components) Watching a video on youtube I see a guy that...
  4. P

    2014 EZGO 48v Navitas 440 amp Controller Upgrade

    Hi All - newbie here to the golf cart world and excited to dive in. My first upgrade to my 2014 EZGO TXT is a higher amp controller because it's painfully slow up hill - about 1/4 of top speed on a flat road. So I purchased a Navitas 440 amp with on the fly controller. I installed the controller...
  5. Keith4251

    Navitas Controller B+ Terminal Melting

    1st post I believe. Looking forward to the replies. The Club Car 48 volt electric 2 stage I have has an aftermarket Navitas controller. The controllers B+ post is getting really hot after driving. Things to consider: Wires leading from battery to battery are Black 4AWG Wire leading from B+ on...