1. E

    36 Volt Motor Lead Spins - No Action from Motor

    I have a 2001 EZGO 36 volt cart that has only had minor issues in the last few years that I have owned it. Recently one of the leads on the motor itself had a Terminal/Ring Clip that corroded and broke off of the connection on the motor. I replaced the ring clip/terminal and in the process I...
  2. R

    Motor Actually Works

    This is why she wouldn't move, motor actually works. $90 parts and labor.
  3. R

    Connections To the Motor Housing Case

    Inside the motor housing case and surrounding the positive stud with connections from the batteries is a magnetic coil or magnetic material of some kind. What is this part and can it be replaced
  4. HotRodCarts

    E-Z-GO TXT Motor Wiring Diagram

    EZGO Golf Cart Wiring Diagram E-Z-GO Motor Wiring Diagram - TXT Fleet, PDS and Medalist EZGO Motor Wiring Diagram