1. Scooter1960

    Help! Confused TPS to MCOR Switchover

    So, my latest posts have been about the Regen doing funny things on my 2009 Excel cart. Have decided to have the local Club Car Dealer pick it up and see if what it is doing is normal. BUT, before I have them pick it up, I decided to do the TPS to MCOR conversion. I had all the parts...
  2. Scooter1960

    Club car TPS to MCOR Conversion

    I’m baaaaaaacckkkkk😂. I did search forum and found some references to TPS on my 2009 but nothing that was crystal clear on what I needed. 2009 is running good but has a slight hesitation every once in a while. Seems as though most likely culprit might be the TPS Club Car switched to in 2009...
  3. c.whitworth07

    2000 CC DS 48V Clicks But DOESNT Move HELP!!!!!

    Just bought this from a local, and drove it down the street when picking it up. No issues, Took it home and rode it for about 30 min and started smelling something burning. All of a sudden the cart stopped and wouldn't go anywhere. Pushed it home, lifted the seat, and found the FNR switch was...
  4. D

    2010 Club Car Precedent i2 Acceleration Issues

    Afternoon all - I have a 2010 Club Car Precedent i2 Electric (PH) that is having intermittent acceleration issues. The acceleration issues occur when we are driving the cart and then we brake to 1mph or less and then press the accelerator again. Sometimes the cart does nothing and you have to...
  5. B

    2003 Club Car DS MCOR

    Good Morning. I have a 2003 Club Car DS. Kids we were riding this weekend and they stopped at stop sign and then the cart would not go. I went and checked all wires and then rocked it back and forth and it started working again.....but they stopped again and it stopped again. I got under cart...