1. D

    Converting 89 Ezgo Marathon from Resistor to Controller

    I have an 89 Ezgo Marathon 36v with the original resistor system, and I'm getting some nasty sparking from the accelerator contactor. Thinking to change it over to a Controller System, and told all I need to do so is an appropriate controller and Potentiometer Box. Now I see that a Curtis (or...
  2. E

    1981 EZGO Marathon 2 Stroke Golf Cart Value

    Hello, I’ve got a 1981 EZGO Marathon 2 stroke golf cart. The cart runs great and has a lot of new parts and I was wondering what the value is. In the last year the battery, fuel pump, starter, plug/plug wire, carburetor, both belts, fuel filter and all fuel lines, and air filter have been...
  3. Wickedwhiting

    1991 EZGO Marathon Smokes After Warm

    I am very lucky to have recently been givin a 1991 ezgo marathon. It was owned by my father in laws father. After washing it up, it’s in mint condition. After a new battery and a new fuel it seems to drive very well, that is until it get warmed up. After about 4 or 5 blocks she starts to smoke...
  4. E

    1981 EZGO Marathon - Engine Power Loss

    My 81 EZGO Marathon has the 2pg engine that has a power loss. The engine runs fairly well when cold but seems to lose power once it heats up and is put under load. On a slight incline the engine slows down and would eventually completely lose power over a long enough distance. I recently...
  5. Oldguy

    EZGO Marathon Electric Golf Cart Reverse vs Forward

    I have restored my 79 3 wheel EZGO Marathon golf cart. New electrical parts include new micro switch and solenoid as well as batteries. When I put everything back together everything works great except when I put it in reverse it goes forward and in forward it goes in reverse. I didn't unhook...
  6. anoymouse

    Will 20" Tires Rub On a EZGO Marathon?

    This is a non lifted EZGO Marathon golf cart. It looks like 18" tires is stock and many forums say 20" fit, but do they rub on these old EZGO Marathons? Do I need a spacer, should I get one to play it safe, what size? Thanks.
  7. anoymouse

    EZGO Marathon Lights Not Working

    OK, The lights are not working my EZGO Marathon. I found this wire loom that runs from the rear lights into the fuse block on the right rear fender. There is no working horn, headlights or rear lights. I have determined that this loom is independent of anything having todo with the drive system...
  8. anoymouse

    1991 Marathon: Sound like classic solenoid?

    So I test drove this cart for 3-4 minutes...ran well. Now that I got it home I noted that forward sometimes seems to not engage from a start and at least once (out of dozens of runs) it seemed to lose forward while at speed...but a simple restart from a stop had it back in shape. Reverse is...
  9. anoymouse

    1991 EZGO Marathon: tell me about the lights?

    Just picked up a well running but rough looking cart. The front and rear lights are non operational. Before I dive in my questions is... Are the OEM back lights brake lights or just driving lights for night?
  10. D

    1994 Marathon Electric Golf Cart Service Manual

    Does anyone on here have a service manual for a 1994 EZGO Marathon Electric Cart? I looked in resources and did not see one. Thanks Dave
  11. HotRodCarts

    EZGO Marathon Gas Golf Cart Wiring Diagram Late 1990-93 2-Stroke

    EZGO Marathon Gas Golf Cart Wiring Diagram Late 1990-93 2-Stroke :ezgo:
  12. HotRodCarts

    EZGO Marathon Golf Cart Wiring Diagram Controller

    EZGO Marathon Golf Cart Wiring Diagram Controller :ezgo:
  13. HotRodCarts

    EZGO Gas Golf Cart Wiring Diagram - 1981-1988

    EZGO Golf Cart Wiring Diagram E-Z-GO Wiring Diagram - Gas 1981- Early 1988 :ezgo: EZGO Gas Wiring Diagram 1981-Early 1988
  14. HotRodCarts

    EZGO Gas Golf Cart Wiring Diagram 1980-81

    EZGO Golf Cart Wiring Diagram EZGO Wiring Diagram - 1980-81 - Gas Golf Cart :ezgo: