1. A

    87 Marathon - Burning and Arcing Speed Swiper

    Hello, I picked up an 87 Marathon for free. So far I have replaced all the batteries, all the cables, the resistor speed assembly that goes down between the batteries, the solenoid, the forward and reverse switch, the ignition key. The only thing I haven’t replaced is the little micro switch...
  2. H

    Ezgo Marathon 3pg Ignition Timing Question

    New member here, I have a 91 EZGO Marathon, I just did crank seals and top end. It backfired and blew a crank seal out, and she was getting tired anyways so I figured I might as well do top end also. It runs great now, 120psi cold, but it has always started way easier in reverse. So I'm thinking...
  3. 3Wheelcart

    1986 3 Wheel EZGO Cart Won't Turn Over

    How can I figure out if my EZGO cart is an 86 or 86 1/2? I cannot get it to run and could use some ideas of where to start. I have heard it run but can’t get it to turn over again. It has a Robin gas engine. I just purchased this and am trying to learn all I can about it. Thanks
  4. T

    Can a Lift Kit Effect Brakes?

    Need advice/direction please. I bought a 1992 EZGO Marathon and I recently put on a 4" lift kit. A few days after that my brakes have been super touchy. Almost putting us through the windshield the first time it happened, and the tires even screeched on the pavement. I'm not sure if it's a...
  5. D

    Converting 89 Ezgo Marathon from Resistor to Controller

    I have an 89 Ezgo Marathon 36v with the original resistor system, and I'm getting some nasty sparking from the accelerator contactor. Thinking to change it over to a Controller System, and told all I need to do so is an appropriate controller and Potentiometer Box. Now I see that a Curtis (or...
  6. E

    1981 EZGO Marathon 2 Stroke Golf Cart Value

    Hello, I’ve got a 1981 EZGO Marathon 2 stroke golf cart. The cart runs great and has a lot of new parts and I was wondering what the value is. In the last year the battery, fuel pump, starter, plug/plug wire, carburetor, both belts, fuel filter and all fuel lines, and air filter have been...
  7. Wickedwhiting

    1991 EZGO Marathon Smokes After Warm

    I am very lucky to have recently been givin a 1991 ezgo marathon. It was owned by my father in laws father. After washing it up, it’s in mint condition. After a new battery and a new fuel it seems to drive very well, that is until it get warmed up. After about 4 or 5 blocks she starts to smoke...
  8. E

    1981 EZGO Marathon - Engine Power Loss

    My 81 EZGO Marathon has the 2pg engine that has a power loss. The engine runs fairly well when cold but seems to lose power once it heats up and is put under load. On a slight incline the engine slows down and would eventually completely lose power over a long enough distance. I recently...
  9. Oldguy

    EZGO Marathon Electric Golf Cart Reverse vs Forward

    I have restored my 79 3 wheel EZGO Marathon golf cart. New electrical parts include new micro switch and solenoid as well as batteries. When I put everything back together everything works great except when I put it in reverse it goes forward and in forward it goes in reverse. I didn't unhook...
  10. anoymouse

    Will 20" Tires Rub On a EZGO Marathon?

    This is a non lifted EZGO Marathon golf cart. It looks like 18" tires is stock and many forums say 20" fit, but do they rub on these old EZGO Marathons? Do I need a spacer, should I get one to play it safe, what size? Thanks.
  11. anoymouse

    EZGO Marathon Lights Not Working

    OK, The lights are not working my EZGO Marathon. I found this wire loom that runs from the rear lights into the fuse block on the right rear fender. There is no working horn, headlights or rear lights. I have determined that this loom is independent of anything having todo with the drive system...
  12. anoymouse

    1991 Marathon: Sound like classic solenoid?

    So I test drove this cart for 3-4 minutes...ran well. Now that I got it home I noted that forward sometimes seems to not engage from a start and at least once (out of dozens of runs) it seemed to lose forward while at speed...but a simple restart from a stop had it back in shape. Reverse is...
  13. anoymouse

    1991 EZGO Marathon: tell me about the lights?

    Just picked up a well running but rough looking cart. The front and rear lights are non operational. Before I dive in my questions is... Are the OEM back lights brake lights or just driving lights for night?
  14. D

    1994 Marathon Electric Golf Cart Service Manual

    Does anyone on here have a service manual for a 1994 EZGO Marathon Electric Cart? I looked in resources and did not see one. Thanks Dave
  15. HotRodCarts

    EZGO Marathon Gas Golf Cart Wiring Diagram Late 1990-93 2-Stroke

    EZGO Marathon Gas Golf Cart Wiring Diagram Late 1990-93 2-Stroke :ezgo:
  16. HotRodCarts

    EZGO Marathon Golf Cart Wiring Diagram Controller

    EZGO Marathon Golf Cart Wiring Diagram Controller :ezgo:
  17. HotRodCarts

    EZGO Gas Golf Cart Wiring Diagram - 1981-1988

    EZGO Golf Cart Wiring Diagram E-Z-GO Wiring Diagram - Gas 1981- Early 1988 :ezgo: EZGO Gas Wiring Diagram 1981-Early 1988
  18. HotRodCarts

    EZGO Gas Golf Cart Wiring Diagram 1980-81

    EZGO Golf Cart Wiring Diagram EZGO Wiring Diagram - 1980-81 - Gas Golf Cart :ezgo: