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    EZGO Golf Cart Routine Maintenance

    EZGO Golf Cart Maintenance These maintenance techniques are designed for 1996-2003 (early) E-Z-GOs. Most of what is mentioned applies to 91-present 4 cycle engines. After reading, you will be able to determine the difference based on the description. If you have any questions, or need...
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    E-Z-GO General Maintenance - GAS

    EZGO Golf Cart Maintenance EZGO General Maintenance - GAS - EZGO Gas Golf Carts :ezgo:
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    Preventive and Routine Maintenance

    EZGO Golf Cart Preventive and Routine Maintenance - GAS Throttle Cable Adjustment: Adjustment: To adjust the throttle cable, check to ensure the throttle plate is fully closed and governor arm is rotated fully counter-clockwise. By the throttle cable bracket are two nuts (1/2 inch). Loosen...