1. F

    Converted 2011 Precedent Electric to EcoBattery Quit

    Recently converted to EcoBattery. I have used for a few weeks without issue and now it has quit. When I flip between tow/run with it in reverse, the buzzer will make a quick buzz then nothing. The 12v in the dash is working and all connection are good. I have 52v at the motor. Not sure what...
  2. S

    Charging Wire too Short with Allied Commercial Lithium Battery

    I recently installed a 48V 65aH Allied Commercial lithium battery into my 2016 EZGO RXV. I know very little about golf carts or wiring but my plan was to take the 5 wires that were attached to the positive terminal from my 4 x 12V Trojan batteries and put those on the Allied positive terminal...
  3. Luke Jackson

    I have a Club Car and have been looking into lithium

    I have a Club Car and have been looking into battery kit. I'm wondering if I could do it myself or need a dealer to install. I have been doing my research which brands as well.
  4. L

    2001 EZGO TXT Golf Cart Problem With Lithium Batteries

    I have a 2001 36 v EZGO txt cart. I installed 2 brand new lithium batteries to replace the 6 acid batteries that came with the cart. When I take the cart down the road, maybe 200 feet, the battery meter drops from 100% to 45%. When I stop driving the percentage slowly climes back up to 98%. Also...
  5. E

    Solar Lithium Ezgo

    My project is to refurbish a 1996 Ezgo TXT, 36 Volt, with the plans to put a very large solar panel on top with the end goal of having an electric cart that is charged by the sun completely and is powered by Lithium batteries. I grew up around golf and rode in a few carts over the years, so am...