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    RXV Lithium Battery Conversion

    My 48v lead acid batteries recently went bad on my EZGO RXV. Instead of replacing the lead acid batteries I bought a 48v 100AH Lithium battery. I made a cardinal mistake from the beginning by not taking a picture of my lead acid batteries before removing them. I have since tried to hook up my...
  2. F

    Evolution D3 Lithium Battery - Cart not starting

    Hi all, Last week I purchased an Evolution D3 Golf Cart with a 48V 130AH Lithium Battery. The Dealer told us to charge it every time after using it because it is a smart battery system. On or around the third day having it, it would fail to start when we removed the charger. It has a key fob...
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    Lithium Question for Club Car

    Curious if this single Lithium battery will run my Club Car golf cart efficiently? 48V BDGR GEN-2|48AH|2.1KWH|NMC Power Block|Lithium Battery Pack
  4. Cart_Performance

    Lithium Battery Comparison.

    Video on some of our favorite lithium battery with full overview of each one for anyone who wants a detailed perspective.
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    Solar Lithium Ezgo

    My project is to refurbish a 1996 Ezgo TXT, 36 Volt, with the plans to put a very large solar panel on top with the end goal of having an electric cart that is charged by the sun completely and is powered by Lithium batteries. I grew up around golf and rode in a few carts over the years, so am...