lithium batteries

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    48v 72AH Eco Battery Install Help

    Eco Battery, Eco Battery Charger, Eco Battery 12v reducer all installed. Battery has green light on and 53+ volts on the meter and at the terminals. I ran a full charge cycle and reducer is putting out 13.5 volts. Cart won’t run: Initially I did the recommended test where initially I just...
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    Issue With Changing from Traditional Batteries to Lithium

    I have a 2017 6-passenger Star golf cart. It came with 8 Trojan Deep Cycle 6-volt batteries, (225AH @20HR, 165AH @5HR). I recently replaced the original batteries with four Digimarker 12V 60Ah LiFeP04 Lithium Iron Phosphate Deep Cycle Batteries with built-in 50A BMS. So, the same total 48V in...