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    1991 EZGO Marthon 2 cycle 3pg Lift Without Spacers

    Hi all, I pieced together my lift kit, and it took me a little bit of time to get it figured out. So I figured I'd share what I did and hopefully it will help someone. I'll attach pictures of everything I bought. So first, I wanted the 4" drop axle. You can buy the kit off ebay but only for...
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    Can a Lift Kit Effect Brakes?

    Need advice/direction please. I bought a 1992 EZGO Marathon and I recently put on a 4" lift kit. A few days after that my brakes have been super touchy. Almost putting us through the windshield the first time it happened, and the tires even screeched on the pavement. I'm not sure if it's a...
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    Best Lift Kit for a Club Car Precedent

    Which is the best lift kit for a Club Car Precedent?
  4. G

    New 6" All Sports Lift Kit & Wheels Installed

    Very pleased with the new 6" lift kit, wheels & tires from All Sports! I'm a newbie & was able to install everything with my 2 sons. I've attached before & after photos. I do have a question regarding the brakes post install. The brakes were weak before the installation but they are really bad...
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    New from All Sports Manufacturing 2” lift kit for 2012-up Club Car Precedent/Onward - Cartaholics - The Golf Cart Forum for the Cart Enthusiast
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    Welcome Allsports

    I'd like to thank Allsports for their support here at Cartaholics. :usa: If anyone is looking for a high quality lift kit or golf cart accessories check out their site. Their banner link is on the bottom of the forum and on the links page. Thanks, HRC