kill switch

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    kill hook up?

    Can anyone tell me anything about the kill hook up on the wiring diagram attached? it is for a 2008 gas precedent. I can follow the white wire with black stripe to just before a black box on the front of the engine where it splits off into 2 wires. diagram don't show these 2 wires or the black box.
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    Club Car Precedent Kill Switch

    I would like to add a kill switch to my 2013 Club Car Precedent. 1. To stop parasitic draw on the batteries 2. To deter other campers from driving my cart Can someone tell me what I need to purchase and how to install it?
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    Micro switch confusion

    Ok, let me try to explain this without confusing anyone who may be of help. I have a video if I need to send personally of the issue. I have a 92 gas club car. Ran great, no issues other than the governor box was cracked and held on to the cart with wire. So after running around last Friday on...