key switch

  1. BurlyDeer

    EZGO Kawasaki 3-position Keyswitch

    Carbureted 2018 EZGO Kawasaki. Need suggestions on wiring a 3-position keyswitch. The cart came with a 2-position. I have a blue solenoid wire. A brown hot wire straight from the positive battery terminal. And a green microswitch wire. While I do need the location for each wire’s connection...
  2. Z

    Took Out Old Wire Harness for Headlights Now Cart Wont Run

    I got new LED headlight and taillights for 1996 EZGO TXT 36v. Took whole old harness out which had horn and wire which went to brake pedal then to old fuse box. Re ran the new harness. Hooked up light switch on dash. Reconnected the blue and green wires to key switch and now nothing works...
  3. M

    No click from a new solenoid

    I installed an Alltrax XCT 400/400 AMP Solenoid combination in my EZGO TXT. Fresh 48 volt battery pack, ignition switch, F/R switch and wiring/cabling. Was a 36V/PDS drive system before. My dilemma is that I am getting nothing at the solenoid. When I turn the key to "on" there is no click...