1. M

    Hyundai HGG-1 Back Seat

    Hi all, and so goes the continual search for parts that fit the Hyundai HGG-1. Right now I'm looking for a backseat that is compatible with this model. I'd like to do as little fabrication as possible so I'm hopeful that someone has direct experience or knowledge of a seat that would install...
  2. Wiring Diagram

    Wiring Diagram

    Wiring diagram for Suzuki V270G
  3. M

    Hyundai HGG-1 Suzuki V270G CDI

    First post here, so I'm hopeful that someone can help me out. I just recently picked up a beat up cart from a family member that I'm attempting to restore. As in the title, it's a Hyundai HGG-1 with the Suzuki V270G engine. I have a problem with no/low spark which I believe is a faulty CDI...
  4. W

    Hyundai Gas Golf Cart Running Rich

    Hi there, I have a 2001 Hyundai gas Golf Cart with a Suzuki V270G 8.5 engine. The carburetor is running rich, does anyone know how to adjust it?
  5. N

    Installing Turn Indicators

    I recently purchased a used Hyundai gas golf cart in very good condition. It has front lights and front parking lights & rear taillights. When the front lights are on, the front parking lights are also on. Thus, when I flick the toggle switch for the lights on the steering column, all six...
  6. HotRodCarts

    Hyundai Wiring Diagram

    Hyundai Wiring Diagram