1. G

    RXV Lithium Battery Conversion

    My 48v lead acid batteries recently went bad on my EZGO RXV. Instead of replacing the lead acid batteries I bought a 48v 100AH Lithium battery. I made a cardinal mistake from the beginning by not taking a picture of my lead acid batteries before removing them. I have since tried to hook up my...
  2. AtlantiasFalcon

    Need Help Troubleshooting Tried Every Suggestion

    This is my first golf cart and I did not do the proper maintenance. I used it as normal, but didn't use it often. One day I went to charge it and it wouldn't charge which started this journey. I learned about watering the batteries at that point. So I added the water and thought was all good...
  3. U

    Debugging HELP! Silverwolf Teekon Conversion Kit With DS Harness, & Smart Module

    Hello All, I'm having trouble with my Club Car DS wiring harness and Silverwolf Teekon AC motor conversion kit. As some of you may know the kit comes with a 12 HP AC-PM AC-PERMANENT MAGNET MOTOR, ASI BAC8000 840 AMP AC CONTROLLER, VEHICLE MODULES WITH BUILT-IN PLUG ‘n PLAY. These are the...
  4. B

    78 EZGO Battery Range

    Hey guys I'll post some pics of how the cart is coming a mechanic buddy just hooked me up with 3 new Mercedes agm 95ah batteries so I'm gonna have to do some fab workto fit all 3 batteries nicely due to size but was wondering and ill explain this the best I can The original 6v nfg batteries I...
  5. C

    48v 72AH Eco Battery Install Help

    Eco Battery, Eco Battery Charger, Eco Battery 12v reducer all installed. Battery has green light on and 53+ volts on the meter and at the terminals. I ran a full charge cycle and reducer is putting out 13.5 volts. Cart won’t run: Initially I did the recommended test where initially I just...
  6. Keith4251

    Navitas Controller B+ Terminal Melting

    1st post I believe. Looking forward to the replies. The Club Car 48 volt electric 2 stage I have has an aftermarket Navitas controller. The controllers B+ post is getting really hot after driving. Things to consider: Wires leading from battery to battery are Black 4AWG Wire leading from B+ on...
  7. K

    Spark when I first Press the Pedal Help Please

    Have 1997 Ez-Go 4 Cycle engine. Using a spark tester I only get a spark when I first press the pedal. Nothing after that. So far I have checked and cleaned all grounds replaced Igniter. The previous owner removed the reverse switch. But according to the schematic it’s wired correctly. The...
  8. kraig

    48 Volt EZGO Stopped Charging

    Hello, I am working on a 48 volt EZGO TXTand it stopped charging. The charger is a powerwise qe and when you first plug it into the cart it flashes green/red really fast. Then it’s a red then green and repeat. The thing is on the three prong triangle charging plug the center wire is a gray cases...
  9. kraig

    Need Advise On Golf Cart Repair Shop’s Conclusion

    I have a EZGO PDS golf cart that I just replaced the cables and batteries and need advise on golf cart repair shop’s conclusion. It was my pawpaws and it ran fine before he parked it. I couldn’t get it to run, click, beep or anything. I didn’t have time to figure it so I just took it to a golf...
  10. L

    Electric Motor Mess Up While Changing Speed Sensor

    Messed up while trying to change a speed sensor magnet. Unscrewed the bolts holding bushing in place. I have a 2008 club car precedent. Accessing through passenger side wheel well. What's best way to get bracket back on. Do I have to pull the bushing? What's the best process?
  11. adam wheeler

    Is it possible to add on more batteries for an extended range in your electric vehicle?

    So I discovered the world of SLV's ((slow moving vehicles)) out of a place of desperation, I could never afford a big car or insurance for one and I see allot of people using none plated golf carts all the time in my city of New Orleans and had a chat with one of the operators and they said...
  12. Ezgo Marathon Electric

    Ezgo Marathon Electric

    What is this?
  13. R

    Intermittent Ignition

    I have a intermittant ignition issue with my EZGO gas golf cart. Engine will not fire, pumping of accelerator to the WOT position seems to restore ignition connection. I cannot find a loose connection. Could it be the pulser or igniter?